Riflers & Reelers

Newaygo Country calls to hunters and anglers in all seasons.

4 Season River Fishing

Cast a line in the rivers of Newaygo County from early spring through late fall.

Lake Fishing

Newaygo County offers more than 480 acres of fishing lakes ready for your fishing excursion.

Ice Fishing

No need to venture all the way up to the U.P. for an ice fishing weekend, come to Newaygo County and enjoy our pristine waters and big fish!

White Tail Deer

Bring your quest for a prized trophy whitetail deer to Newaygo County.

Small Game/Waterfowl

From small game to waterfowl, the thrill of the hunt is something that is best experienced in Newaygo County.

Stories from the River and Woods

Success at Dam to Dam 2018

Success at Dam to Dam 2018

by Carmen Faulkner At sunrise, the serious contenders went out. They walked or snowshoed or rode snowmobiles. Some carried ice shanties, others stuck true to what I would consider to be the ‘old school, torturous’ tradition of sitting on buckets in the wind and cold....

Dam to Dam Ice Fishing Tournament

Dam to Dam Ice Fishing Tournament

by Carmen Faulkner All right everyone, the winter thaw is over! The few days of warm weather and the reminders from green grass poking up from under the usual January snow was wonderful, but wintery conditions have made their way back into the forecast for the...

Superb Fishing in Newaygo County

Superb Fishing in Newaygo County

Newaygo County teems with an abundance of water for the experienced or casual fisherman.  Thousands of acres of dam-supported backwaters, large and small beautiful lakes, and even hidden ponds provide plenty of opportunity for anglers to enjoy still-water fishing....